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How it works
Global Boveda is providing you affordable safeguards to avoid any possible and uncertain loss of an individual’s most crucial and sentimental documents. We provide individual’s the opportunity to safely and securely store whatever information they feel like with Global Boveda, LLC as long as it adheres to our Terms and Conditions and Our Privacy Policy. Individuals can use our pre-made Folders and Forms as a starting point to organize what is necessary but also have the option to allow any customization; an individual may need within their account to organize their information.

Types of Folders available
There are 8 Folders available ranging from 5 to 11 forms within a given Folder. The Folders we currently offer to securely organize and store your crucial and sentimental documentation within GLOBAL BOVEDA are a Personal Information Folder, Property Ownership Folder, Business Folder, Banking Folder, Financial Investments Folder, a Relationship Affiliation Folder, a Medical Folder and an Estate Folder.

Reasons to Use Online Data Storage
There are many reasons why everyone should use online Data Storage but it is also important to note that it is human nature to fear what we do not understand.
  • USB’s are widely used but easy to misplace and easy to open by unwanted eyes
  • Any type of natural disaster from Fire to Flood to Earthquake and even Tornados at your residence
  • Forgot/misplaced information while travelling, appointments, etc.
  • Unexpected Death/ Illness
  • Losing files and having documents erased due to computer failure
  • Poor storage and organization of your files and documents
  • Theft at your residence or theft from your computer via files and passwords
  • Online Storage is Cost effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Large inventory of properties, vehicles and material items, etc.
  • Ease of knowing that you are able to retrieve your information at anytime
How to Access your Information
You are able to access your account anytime and anywhere remotely 24/7/365. All you need is your username and password and know the answer to one of your security questions. When using a mobile device you are able to view your information for quick retrieval of whatever you need. To add and edit your information you can do that from the convenience of any computer or tablet.

The system requirements to use Global Boveda
The requirements to use Global Boveda are any technology that has the ability to access the Internet. Most common tools used today to do this are computers, tablets, and smart phones.

How to you get your information onto your account
There are a couple of convenient ways to upload your information onto your account:

You can scan your documents to your computer using a scanner. Once you have done that, click on the browse button, find the document that you want to add on your computer and click upload to add it to your account. (If you don’t have a scanner or access to a scanning device, there are many office supply retailers that offer scanning services. Most office supply retailers can also create an electronic copy of your physical documents for a minimal fee.

Another easy way to upload your documents is by taking a picture of it with your Iphone, Android phone, Blackberry or any other phone that has the ability to take pictures. Use your USB cord that comes with your phone and connect your phone and computer together to add the picture of the document to your computer. Then click the browse button, find the document of the picture you took on your computer and click upload to add it to your account.

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after the disaster at my home,
but looking back, I am grateful
I became a customer of Global
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