Global Boveda uses the latest security techniques to protect your data.
Your data is encrypted and secured - not even our staff can access it.
Worry free is a good place to be - especially due to the sensitive nature of the online storage business.

Global Boveda works with ‘state of the art’ technologies and ironclad security practices to ensure and maintain our customer’s confidence that their crucial and sentimental documents are well protected.

How do I know my forms and uploaded documents are really protected? Click Here.

We take into consideration many avenues when dealing with security, for example:
  • We use a 256-byte encryption algorithm
  • Your personal information will never be marketed or sold
  • We use encryption for your documents and passwords
  • No administrator or staff member of Global Boveda will ever be able to bypass our encryptions to look at anyone’s information
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of our systems
  • Customized identification when logging in
We have been able to bring peace of mind and convenience together to have the best possible security and security practices for our customers and their information. If you want to learn a little more about this topic, do not hesitate to click on our link: Users, Hackers, & Companies

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"I would have lost everything
after the disaster at my home,
but looking back, I am grateful
I became a customer of Global
Boveda’s online storage vault
because I was able to retrieve
everything I protected with

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