Global Boveda uses the latest security techniques to protect your data.
Your data is encrypted and secured - not even our staff can access it.
With Security there are three main points of importance to keep in mind when it comes to general online use. You the User, someone proficient at computers like Hackers and the Companies system security.

Users: All of us want a safe and hassle free experience when using the computer. Not having to worry about Identity theft and/or your account(s) being compromised. Here are some of the following things that should be practiced not just with Global Boveda but in all areas of computer use and safety.

Having poor web habits like using a public computer and leaving yourself logged in after you leave the computer can leave you at risk, or even reusing passwords for every account you have can leave you at risk. Password strength is another important point to discuss.

You may or may not have heard in the media, blogs, and social media networks about the site and how it was hacked in 2009. A security firm examined this case and found that there were 32 million compromised passwords and discovered that thousands upon thousands of users relied on the same basic phrases.

The password "123456" took first place with 290,731 hits; "12345," "123456789," "Password" and "iloveyou" rounded out the top five most-used passwords. Are you using a password like that? If so please change it! The more complicated your password is, the safer your data will be. It's true, complex passwords won't be as easy to recall. Find a safe place to record your passwords if you can't remember them. The best passwords combine letters, numbers and symbols into an unusual configuration.

Another important point is avoiding shady websites or email spam to name a couple more. These commonsense practices will greatly help prevent any unwanted outcomes while using a computer and the internet.

Hackers: People have many preconceived ideas about hackers, but we should consider why does a hacker do what they do? There are three common motivations for a hacker. What would motivate a hacker are financial gain, revenge and peer pressure. A good hacker will normally do research on a target first, to discover anything useful about the nature of the target network.

Information can include the type of firewall, networking and operating systems in use, as well as host lists, user names, network connections and sibling domains. This is not intended to scare anyone. Just like G.I Joe says: “knowing is half the battle”. This is only scratching the very tip of the subject so don’t hesitate to do your due diligence with finding out more.

Companies: We at Global Boveda take a serious devotion to a world class security that maintains and protects our client’s accounts. Our Encryption uses AES which stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. We go as far as to use a 256-byte key.

We take every necessary precaution that we can. Our security is like a bank vault, solid and very dependable in many situations. Encryption works just like a bank. For example, money from the bank is safely stored away into ‘money bags’ within a vault, if a bank was ever to be robbed and the ‘money bags’ stolen, the bank would have been compromised but the thief would never be able to use the money. Once a ‘money bag’ is opened, blue ink explodes from inside of the bag and the money now becomes worthless.

Encryption is similar in the sense that if an account was to be stolen or compromised the thief would have taken away information but would never be able to do anything with it as the encryption would be in a very complex language of hieroglyphics. The information compromised would not be readable and more importantly can never be used. It is worthless to the wrongful owner.

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