Locally stored data is subject to numerous threats such as theft, natural calamities, hard drive failures, and accidental erasures.
Global Boveda provides you with 24/7 access to your important files via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.
What Does Global Boveda Mean?
Boveda is a Spanish word (pronounced Bo-va-dah) that means Vault. Vaults are strong rooms designed with the sole intention to protect and safeguard a person’s most valuable items.


We offer all 8 categories of forms for one low price of only $9.95 per month!

Form Categories
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Personal Information
Property Ownership
Financial Investments

Online Forms
Global Boveda provides you with pre-made Folders and Forms as a starting point to organize your important information. We also provide you with the flexibility to enter whatever data you wish in our 'notes' fields provided on each form. We encourage this simply so that you are prepared for the unexpected. We use state-of-the-art security precautions on all of our encrypted forms and database. We devote ourselves to the best methods available to protect your online forms.

General Storage Information
Global Boveda is not considered to be a cloud service or a per-computer back-up/data storage duplication service. This is an important distinction because there are a number of online backup data storage solutions available. They are primarily designed to sync a computer, which is a good thing in a way but they have three limitations:

First: The average computer today now comes with a standard 600+ gigabytes of storage space. This means the computer users that need or want backup services to store their information are going to spend a lot of money (per computer) every month for 100 GB of storage space, on the assumption that you're barely using your space on the computer and also making a few more assumptions on what, how much, and where your storing all of this. A long story short, this would incur an expensive cost that is not necessary.

Second: How private is your crucial and sentimental documents? When you sync and/or backup your data, it will be on a minimum of 2 computers. Because of that it is not as private.

Third: Companies that offer back-up and storage file systems usually do not allow users to organize their crucial and sentimental documents as they like; they just back-up everything on your computer in an ‘as is fashion’, messy and unorganized. It would be like grabbing all your documents and tossing it in a lock box, locking it and tossing the box in a room.

Relax with Global Boveda

"Thanks to Global Boveda,
I now have complete peace of
mind knowing my daughter
and grandson will have
access to my information
when I am gone.

Headaches and stress are a thing
of the past. I am worry-free!"

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