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“I Lost my phone, therefore I didn’t have any of my contacts. I am very thankful I was able to access it on my Global Boveda account.”
Karen, AZ

“Needed to check into my flight for the next day and I didn’t have my passport handy, so I went into my Global Boveda account and accessed by passport number from there. It was perfectly convenient. Thanks Global Boveda!”
Greg, AB

“I have so many online accounts and had always struggled trying to recall all my user names and passwords. I had sticky notes all over the place with all my different information on them. Now I have them all stored in my Global Boveda account. I only need to remember one username and password and that’s for my Global Boveda account.”
Sharon, ID

“I liked that I was able to upload my documents of my diplomas, now I feel much more safer knowing that if anything were to ever happen to the original copy at least I’ll have a copy of it.”
Terry, BC

“I was bad at misplacing my warranties, now I just upload them in my Global Boveda account.”
Steve, DC

“I wasn’t sure at first if I would be comfortable entering my personal banking stuff like, credit cards and such, but then I realized, I do online banking. I also find it quicker to look up my banking statements that I’ve uploaded in my GB account than going into my online banking account.”
Sally, MI

“I change my wallets to match my purse on a weekly basis and had been in a hurry the last time I was moving my cards and cash into my other wallet and forgot to put my health care card in there (which I didn’t realize until I was at the doctors). Thank goodness when I was at my doctor’s appointment I was able to access my health care number on my Global Boveda account on my iPhone.”
Judy, CA

“If I hadn’t entered the licence plates number of my truck on my Global Boveda account, the police wouldn’t have been able to track down my stolen vehicle as quickly as they did.”
Ron, Regina

“When we sold our house with furniture intact it was really easy for us to gather a total of valuables as we had entered it all in our Global Boveda account.”
Suzanne, Beverly Hills

“When my jewelry was stolen I had to give the insurance company a total of my valuables, which I already had on my Global Boveda account. I even took a picture of each jewelry item I had along with the value of each item. When I did this it never entered my mind that my jewelry would ever get stolen, I thought it would be good to have for when I pass away that my children would have access to this information. Thanks GB, you’ve been a life saver!”
Darlene, ON

“When my wife passed I was able to access all her information on her GB account. It was helpful to me because I needed to settle things on her end and I was able to access her pension information and much more.”
Bruce, CA

“When my husbands unexpected death fell upon us I was a mess and in no condition to deal with what was all left behind. Making the decision when he was still alive to get a Global Boveda account was one of the best decisions we had ever made. What could have taken me months to uncover and take care of took me only a matter of days! If you don’t have an account yet please do yourself and your loved ones a favor and do so. It literally saved me in so many ways, I can’t express enough how grateful I am to Global Boveda for developing a system so simple as this. Thank you and God bless.”
Claire, Texas

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